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Elissa Bercovitz is a lawyer who personally identifies with the daily triumphs and trials of the changing American family. Her own parents’ divorce in combination with her extensive legal knowledge and reputation for favorable outcomes have translated into new lives for divorcing spouses and their young children.

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The Bercovitz Law Firm, PC effectively mediates, negotiates — and if necessary, litigates — in ways that allow you to transition forward with the confidence you need to move on with your life after your divorce. You deserve a brighter post-divorce future made possible by effective legal guidance.

The Rock You Can Lean On, During A Trying Time in Your Life

Attorney Elissa Bercovitz will work hard to earn your trust. For a glimpse of the hard facts and straight talk she offers, we invite you to contact the Bercovitz Law Firm, PC, to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation.

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