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Bercovitz Law Firm, PC
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Does Your Court Order Need To Change?

After a divorce is finalized, there could be changes in your circumstances that affect your parenting plan:

  1. If a custodial or non-custodial parent needs to relocate for business purposes or military service, this can dramatically alter parenting time routines.
  2. A serious illness or lost job could also affect the custodial and/or non-custodial parent’s ability to provide spousal maintenance or child support.

Sudden, substantial changes in circumstance like those listed above may require a post-decree revision of a divorce settlement agreement. When you need to modify or enforce a court order for custody, visitation or support obligations, the Bercovitz Law Firm, PC , can help.

Elissa Bercovitz has almost 20 years of successful legal service to a diverse divorce and family law clientele in Stapleton and greater Denver metropolitan area. She brings extensive legal knowledge, experience and personal service to your side during this complicated time in your life. She listens and leads, informs and inspires, while carefully guiding you toward a practical solution.

Our Experienced Lawyer Understands What You Are Going Through

Bercovitz Law Firm, P.C. is a full-service family law firm assisting our clients in all facets of domestic relations law. Our attorney handles post-decree modifications and enforcement of parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, child support, and maintenance (alimony / spousal support). Elissa Bercovitz has a long-standing reputation as a responsible and responsive family law attorney who passionately advises, advocates, and negotiates on behalf of her clients.

To discuss your post-judgment modifications issues in detail and in confidence, arrange a free initial consultation with Ms. Bercovitz by calling 303-803-1678 or sending an email message.

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