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Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

Divorce is particularly impactful on children, and there are many important issues to address when it comes to child custody, visitation the allocation of parental responsibility, parenting time and decision-making authority.

The Bercovitz Law Firm, PC is keenly aware that it is important to stay focused on the best interests of the children. Lawyer Elissa Bercovitz has personal experience of being a child of divorced parents, and her family background gives our firm unique perspective when it comes to parenting time and decision-making matters, child support, and other child-related divorce issues.

Let us help you keep your children’s needs front-and-center in these matters. Call us at 303-803-1678 to schedule a free consultation. We provide family law services to parents in the Denver metropolitan area and the surrounding region and counties within the State of Colorado.

Skilled Legal Guidance For Parenting Time And Decision-Making Matters

There is no universal parenting schedule that is one size fits all. The type of plan that works best for a family depends on the unique circumstances of your family. The needs of the kids, the work schedules of the parents and the ages of the children are just some of the issues that must be considered. Elissa can help divorcing parents address and clearly identify the specifics that must be contained in a successful parenting agreement. Additionally, she will give guidance to her domestic relations clients so they can devise the parenting-time arrangement that is the best fit for all involved.

When mothers and fathers divorce in Colorado, decision-making authority regarding the children is often shared by both parents. However, in some circumstances, one parent having sole decision-making authority may be more appropriate than a joint decision-making arrangement. The Bercovitz Law Firm advises divorcing parents to create an arrangement that works best for the family.

We also help parents who believe that their current parenting-time schedule or decision-making arrangements no longer sustains their children’s best interests. In these cases, we can assist you to file to modify your parenting plan if circumstances allow.

Call us to discuss the parenting-time and decision-making issues in your divorce or post-divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities case. Elissa is a skilled family law attorney to offers her clients a free consultation. Schedule now by calling 303-803-1678 or contacting us online.

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