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Bercovitz Law Firm, PC
20 Years As An Advocate For Divorce And Family Law Clients In Greater Denver And Colorado Statewide

Helping You Navigate A Divorce

A divorce or legal separation will initiate many changes within a family’s structure and a whole new framework must be established. During this emotionally challenging experience, working with an attorney who understands your situation and has the skills necessary to help you navigate the process will ease your mind and help you to navigate your way to a new and better tomorrow.

The Bercovitz Law Firm, PC, is sensitive to our divorce clients’ unique needs, and we give our clients the compassionate and dedicated guidance they need throughout the entire divorce process. We represent clients in Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, Arvada, Parker and other communities throughout the Denver metro area. For a free consultation to discuss the issues related to your divorce, contact us online or call 303-803-1678.

Finding the Right Resolutions for Divorce Issues

The Bercovitz Law Firm helps clients with divorce, custody, the division of assets:

Financial Matters: Property division, debt division and spousal maintenance are significant issues that can substantially affect the financial situation of both spouses. Our firm has a thorough understanding of the laws and processes related to these issues in the State of Colorado.

Child-related Matters: How child custody, visitation, parenting time, allocation of decision making, and child support are handled in a divorce have significant implications for a family. Our firm takes a child-centric approach in dealing with these important issues. As a child of divorce, lawyer Elissa Bercovitz is personally familiar with the impact a divorce can have on children.

Settlement negotiation plays an important role in a divorce, and resolving divorce issues through negotiation rather than litigation can be much less disruptive to a family. Elissa Bercovitz’s experience as a mediator has given her a strong skill set for agreement negotiations and we strive to help our clients find effective settlement-based solutions when possible. But we are also prepared for litigation if this is the direction best suited for the successful outcome of your case.

Whether at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, you can expect attorney Elissa Bercovitz to be a strong advocate for you during your divorce.

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