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Requirements for a Common Law Marriage in Colorado

In the State of Colorado, a couple living together in the same home for any period of time does not establish a common law marriage. While cohabitation is one of many required elements to prove that a common law marriage exists, there is no specific amount of time that a couple must live together to establish that a marriage has been created.

Filing to Annul Your Marriage

Terminating Your Marriage Via Annulment

There are two ways to legally end a marriage; by divorce or by annulment. While a divorce is a legal process that will terminate a marriage, a declaration of invalidity, or an annulment, will erase the marriage. Annulment is a legal action that will treat the marriage it like it never happened; it declares that the marriage was not valid and never existed.

Colorado Divorce and Custody: Mediation vs Litigation

In addition to being a Colorado family law attorney, Elissa Bercovitz also handles mediation for divorce and custody cases.  Litigation in family law matters can be expensive, emotionally taxing, and unpredictable, but for parties who can communicate with each other and come to a mutual agreement regarding their issues, mediation has many advantages:

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