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Divorced Parents: Have Some “End of Summer” Family Fun!

Preparing for the End of Summer

When the summer season winds down next month and the carefree days of the season come to an end, as a divorced parent, you will need to start thinking about preparations for the school year. While a transition back to the structure and routine of the school schedule can be a welcome relief, for many divorced parents, it can also create some challenges.

As a divorced parent, several weeks before the end of summer, you should start thinking about what your child needs to feel secure at the start of the new school year.

They will need:

· School clothes

· School supplies

· Athletic equipment

· Transportation to and from after school activities

You should also begin planning new routines for:

· Bedtimes and wake up times

· Preparing for lunches and after-school snacks

· Breakfast and dinner

· Getting to and from school

· After school activities

· Homework schedules

· Play time

· Physical activity

Help your child prepare for their new school year:

· Plan a parent-teacher conference

· Attend the school’s open house events for parents

· Obtain the curriculum

· Find out what their expectations are

· Find out how you can help your child stay on task for the new semester

Plan Some Fun Before Your Kids Head Back to School

Before your children head back to school for the fall semester, think about planning one last family event that you can share before the new school year begins.

1. Plan a family BBQ where you cook together, and everyone makes a special dish.

2. Make reservations at your favorite family restaurant

3. Get tickets for summer concert

4. Spend the day at a theme park

5. Go to the Botanic Gardens

6. Go whitewater rafting

7. Fly kites

8. Go swimming

9. Have a family picnic

10. Play miniature golf

Have Some Family Summertime Fun!

The summer season is winding down, but before your kids start back to school and begin focusing on their classes and their homework, take some time to enjoy the end of summer and create some new family traditions by enjoying a special end-of- summer activity as a family. Make it an annual event!