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Colorado Child Support: An Overview

Colorado Child Support: An Overview

When a Colorado dissolution of marriage, or a legal separation, involves minor children, child support is very often a primary concern for both parents. And the allocation of parental responsibility, which encompasses parenting and time and child support, is often a matter of dispute.

How Child Support is Calculated:

Fortunately, Colorado child support obligations are determined by a calculation that takes into account two primary factors that include:

· The amount of the monthly gross income of each parent

· The number of overnights the children are with each parent during the year

After the court has determined the initial amount of the child support obligation per Colorado guidelines, the court will also consider other child rearing expenses and will apportion them according to the parties’ respective incomes. These expenses can include:

· Day care

· Health care

· Health insurance

· Education expenses

· Extraordinary expenses can include: Private school tuition, costs for a private tutor, costs associated with sports, or car insurance for a 16-year-old.

Colorado Child Support Calculator

Although the Colorado courts utilize a child support formula, determining the amount of the child support obligation can be complicated. There are a number of exceptions, conditions and qualifications that must also be considered, and the court takes many factors into account when calculating Colorado child support. The process can be complex, and it is always wise to discuss this issue with your Colorado family law attorney.

Child Support Tax Issues

Child support is not tax-deductible. Tax exemptions are generally proportional to the parents’ incomes. In order for the non-custodial parent to claim the tax exemption, he or she must be current with that tax year’s child support obligation.

Modification of Child Support

When a parent’s circumstances change, it is important to know if these changes warrant filing a motion to modify the child support obligation. This is a discussion for you to have with your family law attorney.

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