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Keys to Creating a Successful Parenting Schedule

Cooperation is the Key 

Having a conversation with your soon-to-be co-parent about how to divide parenting time is one the most important discussions you will have. These discussions can provide you with the foundation you need to establish an ongoing cooperative effort. Your children need both parents, and it is your job to ensure that your kid’s needs are being met. You will always need to work together to consider what is best for children you share. To create the best possible parenting plan for all concerned, start by focusing your discussions a schedule that works for your children. Your focus on establishing a cooperative environment will increase your credibility with the Colorado courts, and may even establish a solid a foundation for future interactions as you begin to move forward as a family who is living apart.

Working With Your Co-Parent

Working together with your co-parent to create a parenting plan should be a cooperative effort, not a custody battle. There are no winners when families begin the separation process, but if you decide that you are going to create a war, the casualties will be your children.

Begin the process by talking about your schedules and working together with the understanding that divorce is a lot like marriage in that it requires a tremendous amount of compromise. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your anger or your fear control your negotiations, but put the needs of your children at the forefront of your interactions and work together with a positive attitude.

Overnight Visits with Your Children

The calculation for child support is based on several factors, but also includes the number of overnights each parent has with the kids. Parents can become overly focused on the number of overnight visits because Colorado law uses this number to calculate the amount of child support that is paid each month. There are times when each parent’s personal economic interests may take precedence over what is best for the children. If you are struggling with these kinds of concerns, it is important to discuss these issues with an experienced and compassionate Colorado family law attorney. A highly-skilled Denver divorce lawyer can guide you to create a parenting schedule that works for you and your kids.

Considering the All Schedules

Parenting schedules should focus on the children spending as much quality time as possible with each parent When working to create the best possible parenting schedule, it is important to consider the work schedule of both parents, the schedules of the children, and the time it takes for each parent to travel to and from day care, school, and the kids after school appointments and weekend activities.

When you are working together to create the best possible parenting plan for your kids, be positive, be generous, and be creative. Work together as a family to take care of everyone’s interests. Compromise can be difficult because it means that we are not getting 100% of our needs met. But compromising with your co-parent can create a foundation of on-going cooperation, and it can also serve as a teaching opportunity for your children. Work together in a manner that comprises kindness, compassion, respect, and keep in in mind that your goal is to take care of the kids and, most importantly, to remember that you will always be a family.

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