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Are You Considering a Divorce in 2019?

It is natural to consider changes at the end of the year. We all contemplate the challenges we faced during the last 12 months, and think about what we can do to create a better and happier life in the year that lies ahead. Unfortunately for those who have a long and difficult struggle with their marriages, the new year sometimes brings up thoughts of divorce.

If you find yourself contemplating the termination of your union, you are probably also experiencing some confusion about what you will be facing in the future if you do end your marriage. Even if you are not 100% certain that you are ready to file for a divorce, consulting with a Colorado divorce lawyer to discuss your rights and options according to Colorado law, will give you some peace of mind. Understanding the divorce process and having your questions answered about the implications associated with ending your marriage can help you to make the best decision about your future.

Your Initial Consultation

Even if you are not ready for a divorce right now, there are certain things about divorce that you should be thinking about. While freeing yourself from a difficult situation may seem like the simplest solution, it is important to discuss the details with someone who will be considering your best interests. Schedule a free consultation with a Denver family law attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Temporary Financial Arrangements

When you divorce, you will be establishing two separate households, but will be running your separate households on the same income you had when you lived under the same roof. So essentially you are doubling your expenses, but the income remains constant. Before you file for divorce, it is important to think about the details:

1. Who will move out?

2. Will the other spouse be able to remain in the home?

3. How much you can afford for a new home?

4. Will one of the spouses be required to pay child support?

5. Will one of the spouses be required to spousal support (maintenance)?

A Denver divorce lawyer can help you the identify all the financial considerations associated with a divorce or separation.

Dividing Your Assets and Debts

The Colorado divorce court seeks to have separating spouses divide their assets and debts in an equitable manner. This means that the spouses should divide everything equally unless circumstances suggest otherwise. You and your spouse can create an agreement that defines how you will divide your assets and debts, but the court will usually seek to divide them equally. Your divorce attorney will work with you to protect your best interests when you are dealing with the financial aspect of your dissolution.

Creating a Parenting Plan

The allocation of parental responsibilities will outline the parenting plan and decision-making rights for each parent. The parenting time schedule should clearly identify the amount of time that the children will spend with each parent. The plan should be highly detailed but flexible enough to allow for the changing needs of the children, and the parents. In addition to a detailed schedule that includes pick up and drop off times, provisions of the plan should also include language regarding holiday schedules, special occasions, weekends, school breaks, and the parents vacation times.

Preparing for Divorce

· Think about the best possible living arrangement for you, the kids, and your soon to be former spouse.

· Organize your finances and create a budget for both households. Within 6 weeks of filing for divorce in the State of Colorado, the spouses are required to exchange detailed financial disclosures with each other. You are required to provide tax returns, bank statements, retirement and mortgage account information, retirement account and investment account statements, etc.

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