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Choosing a Day to Give Thanks

What is it about the Thanksgiving holidays that always seem to sneak up on us? We are just enjoying the last warm days of summer after Labor Day, when Halloween shows up with pumpkins, costumes, and Trick or Treaters. And then just as we are coming to grips with the fact that autumn is upon us, we are immediately confronted with a plethora of holiday décor in our local stores, and it dawns on us that we need to start preparing for the holidays!

So here we are agaiin, and the next big family holiday this year is Thanksgiving. For newly single parents, this time of tradition and the gathering of family can be a bit daunting. The holiday that you used to share with your child’s other parent, is suddenly your sole responsibility, but with the proper preparations, this Thanksgiving is going to be a good one!

The important thing to remember at this time of year is that it is that you, your co-parent, and the children you share, are aware of the details of this year’s Thanksgiving parenting schedule. Talk about your holiday plans, put the schedule on everyone’s calendars, and send those all-important reminders. Do not make assumptions and do not leave anything to chance. It is imperative that you and your co-parent are aware of the days and times that each of you will be spending with your children.

Additionally, make sure that your court-ordered Thanksgiving holiday parenting schedule is clearly defined. Know your pick up and drop off times and make sure that you adhere to the plan to avoid any holiday drama with your co-parent. If you do not have court-orders, call your family law attorney and work together to get a court order in place for next year. Having clear and precise language in your court ordered parenting plan will help everyone avoid confusion, misunderstandings, and unnecessary drama in the years to come.

The best-case scenario for Thanksgiving for separated families is when the kids spend time with both of their parents. If things between you and former partner are not so cozy that you can spend the Thanksgiving holiday together, then the next best alternative is when you and your child’s other parent agree that you will work together as a team to make sure that this Thanksgiving will be a joyful time for the kids.

When preparing for the day you will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with your kids, start thinking about some fun and new ways you and the kids can create new traditions. It’s always hard for those who are recently divorced or separated because the other parent is missing from the celebration. But this is a time to create a Thanksgiving with new memories and new traditions

Think about planning the menu with your children and identifying the recipes that are a must- have for each family member. Identify the recipes and prepare the shopping list together. Go to the grocery store together and shop for all the special ingredients for everyone’s favorite dish.

When day of thanks is upon you, give everyone a task so they can participate in the making of the feast! There are few family memories that are better than those created by working together to achieve a common goal. And your goal this Thanksgiving is to do all the shopping, chopping, slicing, dicing mixing, fixing, baking and roasting that is necessary to create the best Thanksgiving ever!

So, let this year’s Thanksgiving holiday be a day of gratitude, and one that is focused on caring, sharing, and being together. Make the center of your focus this holiday season to be on your kids. Seek to sort out any differences you may have with your ex in a peaceful and collaborative manner. This will ensure that you, your co-parent, and your children will all thrive and survive this Thanksgiving, the holiday season, and in the new year to come. Be thankful, be peaceful, and choose to work together to have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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