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Do You Have Questions About Colorado Child Support?

Do You Have Questions About

Colorado Child Support?

Colorado child support laws are generally very straightforward in that the amount of the support obligation is determined by a calculation.

This calculation uses 2 primary variables:

1. The incomes of each party

2. The number of overnights each party is expected to spend with the minor children after the parenting time schedule has been determined.

If, for example, each party makes the same amount money, and they have the same number of overnight visits with their children, then it is possible that neither party would pay child support., or only a minimal amount of child support would be due. But when there is a significant disparity in the incomes of the parties involved, or there is a significant difference in the number of overnight visits with the children, then it is likely that child support will be ordered by the Colorado court.

If the annual income of both parties is the same, but one party only has 2 overnight visits with the children each week, then per the Colorado child support guidelines, the party with fewer overnights visits will pay child support to the other party. In a similar fashion, if one party has a significantly larger income, but both parties have the same number of overnight visits, then the party with the higher income may be required to pay child support. The Colorado child support calculation considers the incomes of both parties and the number of overnight visits, to determine each parties’ responsibility for the financial well-being of minor children.

When the monthly child support obligation has been determined, the calculation also considers the other monthly expenses that are related to child care. These expenses are apportioned to each party based on their incomes. These additional expenses can include items that include, but are limited, to health care and healthy insurance, child care, extracurricular educational costs, and  extraordinary expenses. Although additional expenses may be paid for by one party, they are the financial responsibility and obligation of both parties and may require reimbursement.

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