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Your Colorado Divorce and Social Media: Be Careful What You Post

Your Colorado Divorce and Social Media:

Be Careful What You Post

When you are going through a Colorado divorce, it is important to be careful about you post to social media sites because your entries could be utilized during divorce proceedings. Social media websites are easily recognizable and every time you post, the website will record the time, day, month, year of your entry. So, it is possible that the information you share on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media venue may someday be placed into evidence and become part of the court’s documents. In Colorado, divorce proceedings are a part of the public record unless you or your spouse request to keep the record of your case sealed, and the judge grants your request.

There are important things to consider when you are tempted to post to social media sites during your Colorado divorce:

1. Be Careful What You Post

Be cautious what you post to social media because chances are that it will be viewed by your ex and by opposing counsel.

2. Do Not Document Behavior That Could Be Used Against You

Be careful not to post photos of yourself having too much fun at a party. If you have children and you want shared custody, you want your image to be that of a conservative and responsible parent, not a wild party animal.

3. No Bragging

Avoid posting photos of your all your newly acquired assets. The new house, car, SUV, boat and/ or your expensive and exotic vacation could paint an unrealistic picture of your ability to pay more in child support and / or maintenance (spousal support) to your former spouse.

4. Be Nice

No matter how angry you are, resist the urge to make disparaging remarks about your soon-to-be former-spouse online. You don’t want the courts to have evidence that you have a history of making unkind remarks about your ex and that you may also share your thoughts with your children. The courts want the children to have healthy relationships with both parents following a divorce, and when one parent trashes the other, this kind of behavior can be emotionally damaging to the children.

5. Maintain Your Privacy

Do not rush to introduce your new paramour to the world via social media. Be patient and allow your new relationship to evolve over time. Your children are very likely going through a period of adjustment and you don’t want them to feel that their other parent was easily and quickly replaced with someone new. More importantly, you don’t want to appear that you are so distracted by a new relationship that you cannot adequately focus on your children’s needs.

6. Do Not Post Photos of Your Kids

If you have children, do not post their photos to your social media account. Even some of the most innocent pictures can create an argument against your abilities as a parent. Those cute photos of the kids playing with the neighbors toothless, but large and menacing looking dog could bring to question how safe your children are while in your care.

7. Don’t Provide TMI (Too Much Information)

When it comes to social media, the best way to approach it during your divorce proceedings is to remain silent until it is over. Even though you are going through this challenging time, airing your frustration, pain and despair online will not work to your benefit. While it may be difficult to keep the details of your life out of public view, keeping your private life private during the dissolution of your marriage could make a positive difference in the outcome of your divorce.

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