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When the Colorado Courts Order Supervised Parenting Time

When the Colorado Courts Order Supervised Parenting Time

What is Supervised Parenting Time?

Supervised visits are most often ordered by the court because there is reason to believe that the child may be at risk when in the care of a parent. In these cases there may be a history of substance abuse issues, problems with anger, instances of domestic violence, or a history of sexual improprieties towards the child or another party. Parental supervision may also be ordered in instances where the parent has been estranged from the child for an extended period of time. The courts may order supervised visits until the child and the parent have time to bond and create a healthy parent / child relationship.

How will the Parent be Supervised?

In cases where the Colorado court mandates that the supervised parenting time is necessary in order to avoid the risk of any emotional or physical injury to the child, the judge will approve the parties who are to be in charge of the supervision. Such supervision can be performed by any responsible party, including relatives or friends of the family. In some cases, a supervision agency may be hired. These agencies will provide a trained staff member to provide parental supervision for a fee. 

Do the Courts Ever Terminate Parenting Time?

The Colorado courts do not often terminate parental visitation because there is significant research that supports the premise that children need to have interaction and contact with a parent, even a parent who has problems. The courts do, however, seek to rule in the best interests of the child by making sure that the child is protected from harm. When the court determines that a child is at risk being with a parent, they may order that the visits be supervised. Parental supervision is intended to ensure that the children’s visitation occurs within a safe environment. Although this arrangement can be difficult for the parent who has to be supervised, it may also provide an opportunity for the parent to overcome any concerns about his/her behavior or judgment while spending time with their children.

How Long Must the Parental Vistis Be Supervised?

When a supervised parenting time arrangement has been mandated by the Colorado court, the arrangement may only be temporary. Over a period of time and depending on the feedback provided by the supervisors and a number of other factors, supervised parenting arrangements may be phased out to allow the parent to enjoy unsupervised parenting time with their chlld.

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