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A Pre-Divorce Checklist for Understanding Your Finances

Getting Ready to File for Your Colorado Divorce

A Pre-Divorce Checklist for Understanding Your Finances

If you are considering a Colorado divorce, you should begin the process by organizing your financial documents. Review the following checklist and obtain each of the important sets of documents so that you and your domestic relations attorney will have the basis of understanding to assess your financial situation. The documents you recover should cover your long-term history, not just the most recent transactions, so your documentation should cover three years’ worth of data. Your family law attorney can only obtain an accurate idea of your marital finances if he or she has all the pertinent information to make a full assessment. By reviewing these documents, your lawyer will help you navigate a successful settlement and help you to secure a solid financial future. As you gather all the required documents, keep your paperwork in a safe place and bring them with you to your first meeting so your attorney can create copies for your file.

Gathering Your Financial Information:

1. Income and Tax Records

· State and Federal Tax Returns

· Employment Records

· Profit and Loss Statements for the self-employed

· SSA earnings report and estimated benefits

· Other income

· Charitable contribution receipts

· Other deductible items

2. Real Estate:

· Mortgage records- purchase and sale

· Appraisals

· Insurance – mortgage and homeowners

· Tax and assessment data

· Maintenance and repair costs

· Cost of improvements

· Rental records

· Homeowner association dues

3. Banking and Investments:

· Account statements for checking and savings accounts

· Account statements for your investment accounts

4. Retirement: (IRA, 403B, 401k, Pensions, Etc.)

· Statements showing contributions and distributions

· Employee or union handbooks

5. Automobiles and Other Vehicles:

· Title and registration

· Loan and financing data

· Insurance

· Maintenance

6. Medical Information:

· Health Plan Info

· Medical and Disability Insurance

· Medical expenses

· Outstanding medical bills

· Pending insurance claims

7. Records for Your Dependents: (Kids, Elder care, Pets)

· Bank accounts

· Investment accounts

· Medical records

· Education records

· Tuition

· Child care

· 529 or college saving accounts

· Other: Sports, hobbies, extra-curricular, camp

· Other dependent care costs (Living expenses, insurance, nursing, other medical costs)

· Pet care costs: food, vet, grooming, and other medical expenses

8. Other Info:

· Wills

· Trust documents

· Credit card statements

· Personal loan information, including statements, and original loan documents

· All business records

· Life insurance policies with beneficiary designations

· Marital agreements – prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

· List of separate assets and debts acquired prior to marriage

· Household inventory

· Your Monthly Household bills:

ü Food

ü TV and Internet bills

ü Phone bills (mobile, landline)

ü Gas and/or electric bills

ü Water and/or sewer bills

ü Home maintenance and repair estimates and costs

ü Health and beauty costs

ü Club memberships – social, gym, Costco

· Assessments of any high-value items (jewelry, antiques, collectibles, art, other kinds of vehicles, etc.)

· All other documents that would apply to your financial situation

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