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A Happy Home Could Mean Greater Academic Achievement for Your Kids

Creating a Positive Home Environment for Your Kids

Recent studies have indicated that a positive home environment and the ongoing cooperation between a child’s parents, even during a divorce, can greatly influence a child’s academic performance. The results from this study have shown that children who reside in homes with positive energy and low levels of strife between the parents experienced a greater capacity for learning and literacy.

When a family finds itself embroiled in the process of a separation or divorce, it is of the utmost importance to protect the children involved. Divorce has long been associated with multiple problems for children. In addition to a negative impact of performance at school , issues also include poor peer relations, low self-esteem, anxiety, aggression, and depression. Research has shown that while a parent’s separation can be challenging for children, it is more often the negativity that exists between the parents that most directly affects the children.

To protect your children during your divorce it is important to buffer them from your marital conflict. Consider the following tips to protect your kids during this challenging time:

  • Be careful not to criticize your former spouse in front of your children. To hear your criticism of their other parent can harm your child’s self-esteem.
  • Do not to use your children as go-betweens or to ask them too many questions about your ex-spouse. You may be in a battle with your ex, but you need to make sure that your children do not become collateral damage.
  • Assure your children that you and their other parent love them and that your divorce is not their fault. Many children assume that they are to blame for their parents’ separation.
  • Encourage your children to see and have consistent communication with their other parent. Seek to accommodate their positive and consistent interaction.
  • Take care of your kids and be there for them while resisting the temptation to allow them to take care of you. You will become stronger as time goes on and when you remain strong you are creating stability for your children.
  • Take care of your kids by taking care of yourself. Eat right, get enough sleep, maintain healthy relationships with friends and family, and exercise to reduce your stress. Your children need you to be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy. If you begin to become overwhelmed by your circumstances, or if depression, anxiety, or anger persist, do not hesitate to seek assistance from your family, friends, or therapist. Your children may also benefit from sessions with a family counselor as you all seek to recover and regain your balance during this challenging time.
  • Your divorce can serve as a learning opportunity for your kids to see that even if people are not getting along and not in agreement on certain issues, can still treat each other with respect and kindness. Your compassion and empathy for your child’s other parent during the process of separation can be a valuable life lesson for your children.

Elissa Bercovitz understands the importance of creating a healthy and stable home environment for kids and how difficult this can be during the process of a divorce. She has spent many years working with hundreds of individuals and their families who are struggling with the consequences associated with separation. She has helped them understand and navigate the legal processes associated with divorce and custody matters and always seeks to ensure that her clients secure a healthy future. Ms. Bercovitz offers a free consultation to those seeking family law representation and will discuss your legal matter with you to help you fully understand your rights and options according to Colorado law.

Many of the large firms downtown and in the Denver Metro area hire attorneys who have little or no experience in domestic relations law, and those who are not yet familiar with Colorado law, the courts, the judges and magistrates, or the lawyers on the other side. Elissa Bercovitz is a highly respected family law attorney with almost 20 years of consistent experience in domestic relations law in the State of Colorado. She provides her clients with the experience they need to obtain the results they want. For more information, contact Elissa Bercovitz at 303-803-1678.