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The Do-It-Yourself Colorado Divorce

Colorado Divorce and Custody

Should you be pro-se?

When a party to a divorce matter decides against hiring a Colorado family law attorney, and chooses to be self-represented, there are many risks. Even if you and your soon to be former spouse are in agreement on many issues, including the division of assets and debt and parenting matters, it is always wise to see expert advice before you file.


If you and your spouse agree on all matters and your divorce is uncontested, the pro se option may be the best option for you.

The Cost: Being self – represented is clearly the most cost effective option. Hiring a lawyer for any legal matter is always wise, but if you and your spouse are amicable about your separation, and you trust each other to be fair and equitable, this could be the best choice.

Your Agreement: If you and your soon to be ex are on good terms and can communicate effectively without becoming emotional and/or irrational, then making decisions together rather than having a divorce lawyer communicate for you may be the best choice. Working together to address and resolve the issues that are important to both of you will help to facilitate a positive outcome.


If you and your spouse are at odds and cannot come to an agreement, then hiring an attorney to represent your best interests is a wise choice.

  • Being Represented by a Professional: When you hire a seasoned professional, you will be represented by a domestic relations attorney whose experience and expertise will ensure that you understand your rights and options according to Colorado law. Your attorney will be looking out for your best interests.
  • Legal Documentation: Your divorce lawyer can ensure that the language inherent in your separation agreement is detailed and specific. Unrepresented parties often realize too late just how much they overlooked because the terms of their agreement was ambiguous.
  • Stress Levels: When couples file to end their marriage, the process of separation is stressful. A good divorce lawyer will work with you to be the voice of reason during this emotional time.

Before you file for divorce, meet with an experience domestic relations lawyer and obtain as much information as you can so you fully understand the process.

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Elissa graduated in 1990 from the State University of New York at Albany, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation she worked as a paralegal in a major law firm in New York City before and then enrolled in law school. She received her Juris Doctor in 1996 from the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center in Long Island, New York. Elissa found that the perfect fit for her skills is through the representation of litigants in family law. This field of law also hits home for Elissa, having experienced the divorce of her own parents as a young child. Her personal background enhances her ability to relate to her clients, and this makes her uniquely qualified as a lawyer in this field of practice. She is very sensitive to the impact this process has on the family, especially the children. Elissa Bercovitz has practiced Colorado family law for 15 years.