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Colorado Divorce and Custody: Mediation vs Litigation

In addition to being a Colorado family law attorney, Elissa Bercovitz also handles mediation for divorce and custody cases.  Litigation in family law matters can be expensive, emotionally taxing, and unpredictable, but for parties who can communicate with each other and come to a mutual agreement regarding their issues, mediation has many advantages:

  • Mediation takes less time and is less expensive
  • Mediation is a less stressful process
  • The process of mediation is less formal 
  • Parties have greater control of the final outcome. Rather than allowing the court to decide, mediating parties can come to an agreement together.
  • The parties to the mediation have all the facts and are acutely more aware of the case specifics than a judge.
  • Mediating parties can come with creative solutions to their issues.
  • Those who mediate often have most lasting solutions since they are the ones who created the agreement
  • Mediations are confidential and the terms of their agreement are not made public.

Colorado Divorce and Custody: Mediation vs Litigation 

Consider meditating your Colorado family law matter. Call Elissa Bercovitz for a free consultation so you can discuss the details of your case and find out if the mediation process is right for you.

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