Bercovitz Law Firm, PC
Bercovitz Law Firm, PC
20 Years As An Advocate For Divorce And Family Law Clients In Greater Denver And Colorado Statewide

About Bercovitz Law Firm, PC

In Stapleton and greater Denver, Colorado, the attorney whose 20 years of valuable experience with providing divorce and family law solutions for clients from all walks of life is Elissa B. Bercovitz.

At the Bercovitz Law Firm, PC, you will work closely with a client-focused lawyer who always has your rights, your future and best interests at the forefront of your case. You get the facts you need about child custody and parenting time opportunities, calculations for spousal maintenance and child support, and how to modify those arrangements later, in the event of a sudden, substantial change in circumstance.

Elissa Bercovitz can also wisely advise on divorce matters such as the best interests of your children, and the equitable distribution of marital assets and property. Her guidance is carefully customized to your situation so she can address your family’s unique issues.

Strong, Compassionate Legal Services That Promote Your Peace of Mind

Originally from New York, Elissa Bercovitz has made Colorado her home since 1997. As a child of divorce, she is a highly experienced and knowledgeable domestic relations lawyer who thoroughly understands, and personally relates to, what you are going through. She represents clients with issues that range from divorce, legal separation, and the allocation of parental responsibilities to matters that include stepparent adoptions and paternity. She also handles proactive and positive methods of dispute resolution and is an experienced mediator. For quality legal representation for Colorado family law matters, call the Bercovitz Law Firm, PC.

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Your initial consultation is offered at no cost and is a wide-ranging, honest exchange of ideas about your divorce and family law objectives. This important conversation can be arranged by calling 303-803-1678 or communicating with us by email.

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